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Jim Morrison Love Poems

Here is a list of Jim Morrison Love Poems

  1. Awake
  2. Open

It’s not common knowledge that Jim Morrison (‘The Lizard King’, ‘Mr. Mojo’), besides being an iconic frontman of the famous 80s music band ‘The Doors’, has made a huge impact on American poetry as a talented writer of meditative pieces and love ballads. With his strong voice, classic rhymes and unusual perception he sculptured the lyric of his generation.

Starting as a filmmaker in college and dropping out without finishing it in 1965, Jim bound his life and career with music as a way to express his feelings and transcendental thoughts. The young musician admired Friedrich Nietzsche, Plutarch and symbolism that made his verses surreal and almost unearthly. Alongside philosophers, such poems, later turned into songs, as ‘Love Street’, ‘Queen of the Highway’, ‘My Girl’ and ‘Blue Sunday’ were dedicated to Pamela Courson who, allegedly, was his inspiration and true soulmate.

Jim Morrison`s love poetry is mystical and dreamy, like if he attempted to create a world from scratch where fondness and intimacy build a new dimension of deep affection for his sweetheart or the world itself. His ambiguous motifs are distinctly presented in his ‘The Lords’ as a mixture of urban sceneries, mythology and mad, practically, psychedelic amorousness.

The idol’s final works ‘Wilderness’ and ‘Open’ give us an impression that Jim Morrison tended to monumentalize his feelings and emotions by inscribing them in his poems and songs as a symbol of devotion and eternal love to Pamela Courson. However, his life tragically ended in July, 1971 while the couple was on a vacation in Paris, where his heart, purportedly, stopped beating.

Nonetheless, it seems like he never wanted his legacy to be dark or gloomy shaded by the untimely departure. Its density and complexity testify that the Lizard King must have felt that he simply had too much to say and too little to do it.